Shimano G01S Resin Brake Pads

Shimano G01S Resin Brake Pads

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Shimano have adopted ICE-TECHNOLOGIES into their disc brake pad range to provide the cooling technology required for consistant performance.

These pads have an "above average" stopping power rating.

Compatible with the following Shimano Models:
BR-M987 - BR-M615 - BR-R515 - BR-M985 - BR-S700 - BR-R315 - BR-M785 - BR-CX75 - BR-M675 - BR-RS785 - BR-M666 - BR-R785 - BR-M8000 - BR-M9000

Top Features:
Resin pads make less noise than metal pads and offer better modulation
Flexible compound
Focus on controllable performance
Designed for dry and wet conditions

Product Data
MTB: Yes
Road: Yes