Shimano 105 R7020 Hydraulic Disc STI Levers & R7070 Flat Mount Disc Calipers - 11 Speed
Shimano 105 R7020 Hydraulic Disc STI Levers & R7070 Flat Mount Disc Calipers - 11 Speed

Shimano 105 R7020 Hydraulic Disc STI Levers & R7070 Flat Mount Disc Calipers - 11 Speed

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Shimano 105 ST-R7020+BR-R7070 2x11-speed Disc Brake Set

With smaller, sleeker hoods, the Shimano 105 2x11-speed compatible ST-R7020 STI with BR-R7070 caliper for hydraulic disc brake units deliver improved ergonomics for better rider comfort and control, with reduced lever stroke and lighter action.

Race proven performance: Shimano 105 2x11-speed ST-R7020 + BR-R7070 Disc Brake Set

The biggest innovation within the 105 group is undoubtedly the introduction of a group-integrated hydraulic disc brake system. The new BR-R7070 flat-mount calipers are compatible with ICE TECHNOLOGIES brake pads and UCI-compliant SM-RT70 (no 90-degree angle) brake discs, providing a high level of heat dissipation. The new ergonomic dual-control shift/brake levers (ST-R7020), which like the ULTEGRA ST-R8020 levers offer a larger adjustment range for different hand sizes and grip widths, represent the counterpart on the handlebars. For even more customisation options, the 105 R7000 Group offers an additional STI model (ST-R7025), which has been specially designed for drivers with small hands by changing the angle to the handlebars and outwards.

For both STI types - for rim brakes (ST-R7000) and disc brakes (ST-R7020/7025) - the shift mechanism has also been revised to ensure faster and smoother gear changes with shorter lever travel. 

Although the new SHIMANO 105 looks the same as its big siblings DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA in the same high quality sporty outfit, the developers for the R7000 group also considered that 105 users usually use their racing bike for much more than just racing or training. The SHIMANO 105 has always marked the entry into the field of high-quality, race-inspired component groups. With the new 105, this definition is now much broader and includes the high degree of user-friendliness and customizability required for a wide range of applications.

Features - 105 ST-R7020+BR-R7070

  • Greater reach adjust range
  • Redesigned internal shifting unit
  • Greater rider control in all conditions
  • Quick and intuitive rear shifting operation
  • Same light shifting operation as top tier systems
  • Great ergonomics cascaded from ULTEGRA
  • Lighter front shifting when paired with FD-R7000 (compared with previous generation)
  • Fast and easy bleeding through one-way Bleeding
  • Front (140/160mm) / rear (140mm)

Product features

  • Use: Road/Cyclocross
  • Group: 105
  • Model: ST-R7020 Set
  • Type: Dual-Control (STI)
  • Handlebar mounting: left / right
  • Gear front: 2-speed
  • Gear rear: 11-speed
  • Optical gear display: No
  • Lever reach adjust: Yes
  • Handlebar diameter: 23.8mm/24.2mm
  • Brake-type: Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Brake caliper: BR-R7070
  • Brake mounting: Flat-Mount
  • Brake pads: L02A Resin with Fin